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30 ton Overhead Crane in Thailand


30T Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Shipped to Thailand

Application: used for handling coil sheets & plates .
Country: Thailand

Details of the 30T/5T Overhead Crane in Thailand

Application: Handling coil sheets & plates maximum. wt. 30 ton , And handling the product bundles of pipes approx. wt. 5 ton

Item Description
– Location -Indoor in two steel structure
– type -double girders overhead crane
Main hoisting capacity 30 ton / 5 ton, Including C – hook
Span 17.83 m
Main hoist lifting height 11 m
Travelling length 66 m
Mam hosting speed (drive control) According the stander FEM
Trolley Travelling speed According the stander FEM

Shipping-to Thailand


Aicrane Differnent Kinds of Crane for Sale in Thailand

According to the detailed needs of customers, we propose an overall lifting solution for customers, and tailor a reasonable configuration to meet the customer’s requirements for crane economy, efficiency and safety.

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Clients in Worldwide

Provide customized design for your lifting solutions. As a professional heavy crane supplier, we are dedicated to providing customers good quality overhead crane, We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case, to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task.


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