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Straddle Carrier for Sale

Straddle Carrier for Sale

Capacity: 20-1200 tons, customized

Span: 5-40m, customized

Max. lifting height: 5-20m, customized

No-load traveling speed: 0~20m/min (flat ground)

Full load traveling speed: 0~10m/min (flat ground)

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Application Projects

Straddle carrier is a special kind of gantry crane, which used for lifting and transporting heavy materials. It mostly used for handling precast concrete parts in prefabrication plants, or transporting girders in bridge construction. The following are project scenarios where Aicrane straddle carrier cranes can be used.

For bridge construction projects
For precast manufacturing and transportation
For tunnel roof laying
For site transportation of building components

Straddle Carrier Models

Aicrane straddle carrier is a large lifting equipment with a maximum load capacity of up to 1,200 tons, which allows for the efficient transportation of heavy loads around the site. Ideal for bridge construction, it can lift precast beams using dual sets or a single crane with double spreaders. Additionally, our technical team can customize the straddle carrier according to your project requirements.

DTL 180 Straddle Carrier

Capacity: 180 ton

Span: 18m

Max. lifting height: 15m

Applications: For installing precast bridge knuckle blocks across a line, including lifting and carrying from a transport vehicle to install the precast knuckle blocks.

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DTL 200 Straddle Carrier

Capacity: 200 ton

Span: 40m

Max. lifting height: 14.5m

Applications: For installing precast bridge knuckle blocks across the line, its double lifting point lifting structure can be used for simultaneous construction of left and right spans.

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DTL 300 Straddle Carrier

Capacity: 300 ton

Span: 0.6m

Max. lifting height: 12m

Applications: For the handling construction of concrete U-shaped beams in precast yards, and able to load concrete beams onto girder trucks in the loading area.

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DTL 800 Straddle Carrier

Capacity: 800 ton

Span: 23m

Max. lifting height: 11m

Applications: For carrying precast box girders from the girder making area to the girder storage area and girder lifting station. Two sets of tire-type girder lifters are needed for joint operation.

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Aicrane Customized Solutions of Straddle Carrier

AICRANE is committed to providing our customers with the most appropriate customized solutions. Our experienced team of technicians specializes in customizing straddle carriers to match the unique demands of your project, ensuring optimal performance in lifting and transport operations.



Aicrane® specializes in customized services, providing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.
Whether it is bridge or tunnel construction or any other project, we are ready to provide you with professional support.

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Cases Show of Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane


Operation Video of Straddle Carriers

This video clearly shows the structure of the straddle carrier gantry crane and its flexibility. It can realize straight-line operation, 90-degree transverse operation, diagonal operation and other functions.

Professional Service Team in Aicrane

Aicrane® professional service team is composed of highly skilled and experienced technicians who have undergone rigorous training and certification in the installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of the company’s equipment. Our service team will provide you customized solutions that meet your lifting needs according to actual working conditions.

24/7 online customer service is available to answer your calls efficiently.
Professional techs are dedicated to customizing solutions tailored to you.
Reliable service in the production, consignment, and installation process.
Perfect after-sales service ensures your long-term satisfaction.


How does the straddle carrier ensure the safety of operation?
Straddle carriers are usually equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise position control and movement. Some models also have safety features such as anti-collision sensors and emergency braking systems to ensure safe operation.
What are the customization options? Can I configure it to my needs?
Yes, you can customize the Straddle Carrier to fit your project needs. You can adjust parameters such as height, load capacity, tire type, etc. to ensure it is a perfect match for your project.
How do I maintain my straddle carrier?
Straddle carriers require regular maintenance to keep their performance and safety. Maintenance is generally recommended every six months, and our expert technicians will provide you with maintenance recommendations, as well as send you reminders before scheduled maintenance.
Can we get on-site guided installation service?
Yes, we provide professional online and on-site guided installation services, and our after-sales support team will continue to provide the technical support and solutions you need to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the straddle carrier after installation.
Are straddle carriers complicated to operate?
The operation of a Straddle Lifter can be simple and is often equipped with a user-friendly control interface. We recommend that operators receive basic training to ensure safe operation and optimal results. Our team is your one-stop shop for training and operational guidance.

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