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Slipway Winch For Sale

Aicrane slipway winches are suitable for use in a wide range of locations where vessels are launched, towed, docked and maintained. We offer a complete range of friction slipway winches, including pulley blocks, wire rope slings, airbags, etc. In addition, we provide customized solutions for your needs, in order to help you achieve safe and efficient ship towing operations.

Two Effective Ways of Pulling Ships in Slipway Winch

By Using Marine Airbags: Airbags provide flotation through inflation, reducing friction, and in combination with marine winches can smoothly pull a boat into the water or dry dock. This method can reduce the resistance of pulling ships, enhances safety and operational efficiency, especially for large vessel slipway operations.


By Using Rail Trolleys: It is a skidding device that moves along a track by winches or electric motors, connecting the boat with a rope or chain to achieve the pulling of the boat into the water or dry dock. This way is simple and precise in operation, with excellent control and suitability for small to medium-sized vessels.


AICRANE Case of Slipway Winch System

Shipping of 60T Slipway Winch to Indonesia

Installation time: February, 2021

Location: Indonesia

Type: JMM friction slipway system

Parameters: drum capacity 2000m, rope diameter 44mm

Installation method:

Online guidance


For ship maintenance, repair and launching operations in the shipyard.

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How to Choose the Two Ways?

When deciding between marine airbags and rail trolleys for towing your boat, there are several factors to consider in order to determine the most suitable slipway winch equipment for your project.

  • Boat size and type
    Marine airbags suit large vessels by sufficient buoyancy and smoothness. Rail trolleys are ideal for precise control with small to medium-sized vessels.
  • Equipment cost and investment
    Marine airbags are versatile in various water conditions, while rail trolleys require tracks, limiting their suitability in certain environments.
  • Environmental Adaptability
    Marine airbags are costlier upfront but economical for larger boats and extended use, while rail trolleys are budget-friendly for short-term needs.
  • Operational control requirements
    Rail trolleys provide precise control and adaptability, while marine airbags may require more manual control for smooth water entry.

Customize Your Unique Slipway Winch Solution!

  • Your ship size and weight;
  • Moving distance of the ship;
  • By using marine airbags or rail trolleys;
  • Other special requirements.

If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced winch experts. Our team is eager to assist you in selecting the optimal slipway winch for your needs.

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Our Service


Customized service

We provide customized slipway winch solutions, which are designed and manufactured according to customer needs and work scenarios.


Technical Support

Our professional team provides customers with comprehensive technical support, including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.



After-sales service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including troubleshooting, spare parts supply, repair and upgrade, etc., to ensure that customers’ equipment is always in the best condition.


Overseas offices

We have established overseas offices in many countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc., in order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.


How long does the shipping time usually take?
Transit time varies depending on many factors, including the destination of the goods, distance, shipping method and shipping service provider, etc. Generally speaking, international shipping may take about a month.
What are the main advantages of using slipway winch?
The main advantages include increased operational efficiency, reduced human labour, ensuring safe operation, precise control of the vessel’s position and adaptability to various vessel types and work scenarios.
How often does slipway winch maintenance need to be performed?
The frequency of maintenance depends on usage and environmental conditions. Regular inspections and servicing are usually recommended to ensure that the equipment is in optimum working condition.
Can we get on-site guided installation service?
Yes, we provide professional online and on-site guided installation services, and our after-sales support team will continue to provide the technical support and solutions you need to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of slipway winch.
What are the customization options for slipway winch?
We offer professional product customization solutions, including customization options for workloads, pulling methods, material selection, and many other aspects to meet the requirements of your specific application.

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