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Marine Towing Winch for Sale

Towing winch is a kind of mechanical equipment set on the tug and the tugged ship or floating objects on the water for towing operation. As an experienced manufacturer of marine winch, we specialize in customizing solutions to meet your unique towing requirements.

Latest Case of Towing Winch

Installation of 12.5T Towing Winch in Maldives

Location: Maldives

Type: JM type electric towing winch

Parameters: speed 9m/min, drum capacity 460m

Installation method:

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For pulling boats by the sea.

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Types of Towing Winch


Electric Towing Winch

Rated load: 5-200T

Rated Speed: 5-20 m/min

Drum Types: Single drum / Double drum / Waterfall double drum

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Hydraulic Towing Winch

Rated load: 10-300T

Rated Speed: 5-20 m/min

Drum Types: Single drum / Double drum / Waterfall double drum

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Hot Sale Types of Towing Winch


8T Hydraulic Towing Winch
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12T Waterfall Double Drum Towing Winch
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15T Hydraulic Single Drum Towing Winch
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20T Hydraulic Towing Winch
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35T Electric Single Drum Towing Winch
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60T Hydraulic Towing Winch
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How to Buy A Suitable Tugboat Winch

Aicrane is devoting to provide best service to clients around the world for marine industry, Aicrane dedicates in providing the most professional marine winch with high quality, for now, we have been exported to 50+ countries, including to Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore.We are ready to Get Your Inquiry and help you choose a suitable towing winch.

  • Rated load(T) or pull force(KN)?
  • Power model(electric/hydraulic)?
  • Drum types(single/double/waterfall)?
  • Working speed(m/min)?
  • 3 phase power supply(v/hz)?
  • Drum capacity(m)?

Our Service


Customized service

We provide customized towing winch solutions, which are designed and manufactured according to customer needs and work scenarios.


Technical Support

Our professional team provides customers with comprehensive technical support, including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.



After-sales service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including troubleshooting, spare parts supply, repair and upgrade, etc., to ensure that customers’ equipment is always in the best condition.


Overseas offices

We have established overseas offices in many countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc., in order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.


How long does the shipping time usually take?
Transit time varies depending on many factors, including the destination of the goods, distance, shipping method and shipping service provider, etc. Generally speaking, international shipping may take about a month.
How to determine the suitable towing winch model and specification?
Considering engineering requirements, load requirements, operating environment and other factors, we provide customized solutions and technical support to help you choose the appropriate model and specification.
How do I perform maintenance and servicing of my towing winch?
Towing winches require regular maintenance and servicing, including lubrication, checking the wear and tear of the winch or steel cable, and inspection of the electrical system. Maintenance instructions are provided by our specialized technical team.
Can we get on-site guided installation service?
Yes, we provide professional online and on-site guided installation services, and our after-sales support team will continue to provide the technical support and solutions you need to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of towing winches.
What are the customization options for towing winches?
We offer professional product customization solutions, including customization options for workloads, control methods, material selection, and many other aspects to meet the requirements of your specific application.

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