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PEB Prefab Steel Structures For Factory Building, Warehouse, Hangar

Steel structure design and construction integrated enterprise
The steel structure building is mainly a structure composed of steel materials, which is one of the main building structure types. steel structures buildings are custom-made steel structures based on customer structural and architectural requirements. steel structure construction is the most flexible option for contractors and owners. With its significant advantages such as low cost, high durability, good quality control and quick installation. Our products: steel structural warehouse, workshop, steel structure aircraft hanger, high rise steel building, heavy industrial steel structure building, agricultural building (horse/cattle barn, poultry house), car parking, school, office building, frame warehouses, grid steel structure, etc.


Steel Structure Workshop

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size: Length( mm) x width (mm) x height (mm)


Steel Structure Warehouse

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size: Length( mm) x width (mm) x height (mm)


Steel Frame Structure

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size: Length( mm) x width (mm) x height (mm)


Two Story Steel Structure

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size, multi-story high-rise Steel Structure is also avalable


Prefabricated Steel Building

PEB Prefab Steel Structures For Factory Building, Warehouse, etc


Pre Engineered Building

Pre Engineered Steel Structures For Factory Building, Warehouse, etc

Steel Structure Hangar

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size, Hangar, Garage, Airport, etc.


Steel Grid Structure

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size, Gas Station, Power, Coal Industry, etc.


Steel Structure Shed

Customized Design According to Your Detailed Size, (Horse/Cattle Barn, Poultry House, etc)


Specification of Steel Structure for Different Building:

1. Main frame Column and beam—Q235, Q355 steel with high strength and stiffness, high weight-bearing
2. Secondary frame C steel, Z steel, square tube, steel angle, tie bar, tension rod and bracing.
3. Doors and windows Sandwich panel doors, roller doors. PVC window, aluminum alloy window
4. Roof and wall materials Corrugated sheets, sandwich panel (EPS, ROCK WOLL, GLASS WOOL)
5. Accessories Semi-transparent skylight belts, Ventilators, downpipe, gutter, etc
6. Connections Anchor, high strength/ordinary bolts, steel plate, etc

Our ranges of prefabricated steel structures are suitable for use as steel structure warehouses, workshops, hangars, factories, offices, shopping centers, exhibition halls, prefabricated schools and recreational facilities. No matter how big or small your requirement, we will try to do our best to meet your demand, we can manufacture strictly according to your drawing and request.

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Projects of the Prefabricated Industrial Steel Structure Workshop/Buildings


Steel Structure Warehouse Buildings

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Steel Structure Warehouse

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Steel Structure Warehouse Buildings in Algeria

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Thailand Multiple Floor Steel Structural Buildingss

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Steel Structure Power Plant

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Steel Structure R & D Center

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Details of the Steel Structure Workshop/Warehouse

Due to rapid construction developments and an increase in the need for quick-track construction all around the world, there has been a substantial rise in pre-engineered steel structure buildings in recent years, especially steel structure warehouses, workshops,

Steel structure warehouse/workshop is a new manufacturing concept replacing traditional manufacturing.
It includes a structural frame and standard roof and wall support, which is factory-made and is erected according to your site dimension.
It has features of less construction time, high quality, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness.


1. Width-length-height of prefabricated steel structures: Developed by the owner’s needs, with no size restrictions.
2. Roof slope: The slope of the roof affects the roof drainage problem. Typical roof slope is i = 15%
3. Between columns: The distance from the axis of the column along the long side of the structure to the axis is defined as the column, which is determined by the length and use of the prefabricated building.
4. Load: including live load, dead load, additional load, wind load, deflection limit, internal crane system, etc.

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Features of the Steel Structure Workshop/Warehouse:

1. Significantly reduce costs
Steel structures warehouse/hangar can reduce costs from 20% to 30% compared to traditional buildings. Minimize the weight of the part subjected to less load to reduce the amount of steel.
2. Durability & stability
Prefabricated steel structures are durable and resistant to heavy rain, strong winds, and large earthquakes.
3. Quick installation & time saving
Prefabricated steel structures/hangars can be installed quickly so it can be help clients save time and labor.
4. Flexibility
Prefabricated steel structures can have a small or no column inside to facilitate the storage of large quantities of equipment, installation of cranes, and internal activities.
In addition, prefabricated steel structures are flexible, easy to expand, and economical and transportation costs are low.
5. Energy saving
Currently, prefabricated steel structure is a green solution that can reduce CO2, energy savings, and most of the excess material can be 100% recycled.


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