Steel Structure Workshop/Hangar


Steel Structure Workshop/Hangar for Sale From Aicrane®

We provide custom-made steel structural workshop & hangars to suit each specific need from our clients. (size as length/width/height and wind speed). Prefabricated steel structures have been widely used to build warehouses, workshop, aircraft hangar, structure frame and other civil buildings.


Steel Structure Workshop


Steel Structure Warehouse


Steel Structure Hangar


Steel Structure Frame

Details & Videos of the Steel Structure


Note: We cater for the design and fabrication of steel structurs, we provide our clients with excellent and strong products. We are committed to satisfy your requirements and provide you with very competitive price. Prefabcated steel frame structure workshop buildings are always buit as a heavy engineering machinery factory, The overhead crane is also a common equipment used in the factory to help lift heavy objects. we also provide all kinds of crane if you need. Contact Us

The Parameters of the Prefabricated Steel Structures Warehouse/Hangar

Main steel structure uses build-up steel column, welded H-beam steel
Purlin C-type steel
Wall/Roof panel single steel sheet or sandwich panel
Tie bar welded-round tube
Brace: round steel
Column brace and lateral brace angle steel
Crane 3T-30T
Angle brace hot-rolled angle steel
Edge color plate
utter stainless steel
Down pipe PVC pipe
Door sandwich-panel door or rolling door
Window aluminum alloy window or PVC window

Features of the Steel Structurs:

1.Significantly reduce costs
Steel structures warehouse/hangar can reduce costs from 20% to 30% compared to traditional buildings. Minimize the weight of the part subjected to less load to reduce the amount of steel.
2. Durability & stability
Prefabricated steel structures are durable and resistant to heavy rain, strong winds, and large earthquakes.
3. Quick installation & time saving
Prefabricated steel structures/hangar can be installed quickly so it can be help clients save time and labors.
4. Flexibility
Prefabricated steel structures can have a small or no column inside to facilitate the storage of large quantities of equipment, installation of cranes and internal activities.
In addition, prefabricated steel structures are flexible, easy to expand, and economical and transportation costs are low.
5. Energy saving
Currently, prefabricated steel structure is a green solution that can reduce CO2, energy savings, and most of the excess material can be 100% recycled.

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