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Mobile Boat Hoist

Designed for Your Lifting Needs

MBH Capacity from 20 to 1200t / Span from 6.5 to 25m

The Ideal Handling Solution for Ships

Mobile boat hoist, also called marine travel lift. Its featured design and high capacity can meet the launch and handling of ships of different sizes. Perfectly Suited for Marinas, Shipyards, and Ports, etc.
AICRANE® mobile boat lifts support customization of parameters such as span and lifting capacity, and is designed to ensure excellent performance, durability and safety.

Hot-Selling Tonnage of Mobile Boat Hoists

50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist
6.5 – 25m

100 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist
6.5 – 25m

120 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist
6.5 – 25m

500 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist
6.5 – 25m

700 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist
6.5 – 25m

Applications of Mobile Boat Hoists

Marinas and Ports

Used to lift boats out of the water or on land, ensuring safe and precise positioning of the boats for maintenance or restoration.

Shipyards and Repair Facilities

For the handling of newly built or repaired ships, making ship repairs and refits more efficient.

Yacht Club

Used to transport yachts for regular maintenance and repair, while reducing the risk of damage to the yachts.

    Customize Your Suitable Travel Lift Now!

    • Parameters [boat weight, load capacity, etc.]

    • Applications [marinas, shipyards, etc.]

    • Other Configuration Requirements

    Please refer to the above information, our professional technical team will provide you with further consultation and quotation.

    Compositions and Features of Mobile Boat Hoist


    Lifting Mechanism

    Safety Enhanced
    Non-Damage Handling


    Steering Mechanism

    Efficiency Boost


    Travelling Mechanism

    Stable Sync
    Precise Feedback


    Suspension Center
    Adjustment Mechanism

    Precise Alignment Universal Fit


    Gantry Structure

    High Strength
    Adaptive Design


    Our Service


    Customized service

    We provide customized travel lift solutions, which are designed and manufactured according to customer needs and work scenarios.


    Technical Support

    Our professional team provides customers with comprehensive technical support, including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.


    After-sales service

    We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including troubleshooting, spare parts supply, repair and upgrade, etc., to ensure that customers’ equipment is always in the best condition.


    Overseas offices

    We have established overseas offices in many countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc., in order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.


    How long does the shipping time usually take?
    Transit time varies depending on many factors, including the destination of the goods, distance, shipping method and shipping service provider, etc. Generally speaking, international shipping may take about a month.

    How to determine the suitable travel lift type and specification?
    Considering factors such as vessel specifications, load requirements, and operating environment, we provide customized solutions and technical support to help you choose the appropriate model and specification. The following is the product information for reference:
    • Max dimension of the vessel(L*W*H):
    • Max weight of the vessel:
    • Detailed project introduction: working site, budget, etc.

    What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of travel lifts?
    Regular maintenance is very important to the proper functioning and longevity of travel lift. Regular inspections of lubrication systems, electrical systems, and safety devices keep mechanical components in good condition and help prevent breakdowns. It is generally recommended to perform maintenance at least once a year, or after a certain number of hours of use.

    Can we get on-site guided installation service?
    Yes, we provide professional online and on-site guided installation services, and our after-sales support team will continue to provide the technical support and solutions you need to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the mobile boat hoist after installation.

    How long is the lifespan of a travel lift?
    The life of a travel lift depends on the frequency of use, the quality of maintenance and the working environment. We provide detailed maintenance guidance and accessories support to help you perform regular maintenance correctly, and prolong the service life of the travel lift.

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      • What kind of product do you need for your project?
        Overhead crane, gantry crane, straddle carrier, mobile boat hoist, rubber tired gantry crane, marine winch, etc.

      • The main parameters?
        Load capacity, lifting height, span length, running distance, etc.

      • What to lift?

      • Is this a budget project?

      • If you have any special requirements or needs, please explain them here so that we can serve you better!