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Hydraulic Platform Transporter

Rated Loading: 50-1000 Ton

Suit for transporting large objects such as concrete beams, tunnel
segments, steel coils, ship hulls, etc.

Hot-Selling DCY Series Hydraulic Platform Types

AICRANE hydraulic platform transporter (self-propelled hydraulic transporter) integrates mechanical, electrical,and hydraulic technologies, which can efficiently transport heavy and large components. The following are our hot-selling DCY series hydraulic transporters.

DCY-50 Hydraulic Transporter

Rated loading: 50 ton

No-load travel speed: 0~12 km/h

Full load travel speed: 0~6 km/h

Platform dimensions: 11.5m×5.1m

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DCY-100 Hydraulic Transporter

Rated loading: 100 ton

No-load travel speed: 0~12 km/h

Full load travel speed: 0~5 km/h

Platform dimensions: 11.5m×5.1m

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DCY-320 Hydraulic Transporter

Rated loading: 320 ton

No-load travel speed: 0~12 km/h

Full load travel speed: 0~5 km/h

Platform dimensions: 18m×6m

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DCY-1000 Hydraulic Transporter

Rated loading: 1000 ton

No-load travel speed: 0~10 km/h

Full load travel speed: 0~5 km/h

Platform dimensions: 23m×10.5m

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Application Fields

DCY series hydraulic platform transporters find extensive applications across diverse industries, including bridge construction, shipbuilding, rolling stock, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, chemical machinery, and engineering machinery. These transporters are suitable for use on dry, oil-free, smooth surfaces such as cement, asphalt, compacted graded stone pavements, and hardened earth roads.

For handling steel plates
For transporting large hulls in shipyards
For handling nuclear components
For handling concrete block beams
For handling tunnel segments

Customized Solutions of Platform Transporter

AICRANE self-propelled hydraulic transporters are tailor-made for optimal transport performance. Our expert technical team is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that precisely match the project requirements of our clients. If interested, contact us now for a solution and quote!

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Main Compositions of Hydraulic Transporter

Hydraulic platform transporters (SPMT) are mainly composed of: main frame, hanging assembly, steering system, active axle, brake axle, power module and operation room. In practical application, through this complete structure, our transporters can load heavy objects to complete the straight line, diagonal driving and other handling tasks, which greatly improving the efficiency of industrial transportation.


Operation Video of Hydraulic Transporter

This video clearly demonstrates the structure of the DCY-320T hydraulic platform transporter, highlighting its impressive tire steering flexibility. The equipment is showcased performing various maneuvers with ease, including straight-line operation, 90° lateral movement, oblique motion, pivot steering, and forward and reverse swinging.

Lifting Solutions for Precast Concrete Industry

Hydraulic Platform Transporters (SPMTs) are crucial for the prefabrication and bridge construction industries. As a specialized supplier of crane solutions for precast industry, we design unique combination solutions tailored to customer needs. Here are solutions for different applications:

Bridge Construction Sites

Prefab Processing Plants

Prefab Component Warehouses

Straddle Carriers for large bridge component production plants

Straddle Carriers + Girder Transporters

Suitable for large bridge component production plants, especially for projects requiring efficient beam lifting and long-distance transportation, ideal for environments with fixed production and storage sites.

Launching Gantry Cranes for bridge construction sites

Girder Transporters + Launching Gantry Cranes

Suitable for bridge construction sites, particularly in complex terrains or projects requiring flexible construction position adjustments, ideal for medium-scale bridge construction.

Overhead Crane for Indoor Prefabricated Component Processing

Overhead Crane

Suitable for large, fixed-layout workshops or warehouses, especially in environments requiring high load capacity and precise handling.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Prefabricated Component Processing Warehouses

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Suitable for small to medium-sized workshops or warehouses that need flexible work position adjustments.

Gantry Crane for Prefabricated Component Processing Plants

Gantry Crane

Ideal for plants with fixed tracks and large work areas, and production lines that require frequent handling and installation of heavy prefabricated components.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Prefabricated Component Processing Plants

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Suitable for projects that require flexible handling and installation of light to medium prefabricated components, or temporary construction sites that need frequent work position adjustments.

AICRANE is dedicated to providing customized girder transporter (SPMT) solutions for the concrete precast industry.

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We have experienced technical engineers to provide product installation and commissioning services, as well as support for on-site training and instruction of operators.


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What are the customization options? Can I configure it to my needs?
Certainly, you can customize the transporter to your needs. This includes the option to customize both the length and width of the platform to align precisely with the demands of your project, ensuring accommodation of the materials being transported.
Is the maintenance cost of the transporter high? How should I do the maintenance?
The maintenance cost of hydraulic platform transporter is relatively low, which mainly includes regular replacement of hydraulic oil, inspection of fasteners, and cleaning of key components. We recommend performing regular maintenance in accordance with the provided maintenance manual to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the equipment.
Are hydraulic transporters complicated to operate?
The operation of a transporter can be simple and is often equipped with a user-friendly control interface. We recommend that operators receive basic training to ensure safe operation and optimal results. Our team is your one-stop shop for training and operational guidance.
What safety features does this flatbed truck come equipped with?
Our hydraulic transporters are equipped with a number of protective devices, including an emergency stop system, anti-skid rubber wheels, and an overload protection device. These devices ensure the safety and reliability of the transporter when handling heavy loads.
What brands are used in the key components of the transporter?
AICRANE transporters are equipped with core components selected from reputable global brands, which guarantee the machine’s reliability and stability. Our mechanical components, such as engine, tires with CUMMINS, AEOLUS, TECHKING and other renowned brands; While REXROTH, DANFOSS, and XUGONG enhance the efficiency of our hydraulic components.

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