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Single Girder Gantry Cranes for Sale to Uzbekistan

We have completed the installation project of single girder gantry cranes in Uzbekistan. These are 5 ton single girder gantry crane and 10 ton single girder gantry crane. The main beam of the gantry crane adopts Q235B carbon structural steel plates welded into a box structure, easy to maintain, three-layer painting. The lifting mechanism adopts … Read more

3 ton Overhead Crane in Tanzania

How We Can Recommend a Suitable Overhead Crane for You Different industries require unique overhead crane tailored for their lifting solutions, Aicrane customize 5-500 ton overhead crane for your lifting needs, Above is single girder overhead crane we designed for our client in Tanzania. So how We can recommend a suitable overhead crane for you, … Read more

3 ton Electric Winch in Indonesia


Delivery Of 3 Ton Electric Winch To Indonesia 1. Professional technical staffs provide installation, commissioning and training services. 2. Delivery with an English user manual, parts manual, product certification and other relevant certificates. 3. Technical advisory for any time. Related Winch You May Need:

20 ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Shipped to UAE


20 ton hydraulic mooring winch has been shipped to UAE, A Mooring winch is a mechanical device used for securing a ship to the berth, which plays an important role in berthing the ship ashore. The Main Components of the Mooring Winch The main parts of the mooring winch include a drum, a warp end … Read more

10 ton Double Girder Overhead Crane in Kazakhstan

Good news. our 10 ton double girder overhad crane has shipped to Kazakhstan, it is mainly used for lifting coil and steel in the workshop. Why Choose European Standard Double Girder Overhead Crane? Compared to any other type of overhead cranes, European standard overhead cranes enable a reduction in the structural requirements of rails, runway … Read more

15 ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Shipped to Vietnam

15 ton hydraulic mooring winch in vietnam

15 ton hydraulic mooring winch was shipped to Vietnam, this customer searched “mooring winch” on the google and clicked the link of our official website, through viewing our page, he checked the winch models and our company introduction, he sent us an winch inquiry and our product consultant reply him in a short time, here … Read more

Grid-framed Steel Structure Building has been Installed in Somalia

Recently, a grid-framed steel structure building has been installed in Somalia, Here is a detailed introduction to the project, including how to find us, the details of the customer’s project site, why the customer chooses us, and the customer’s evaluation of us, etc. Details of the Case Project Customers want to buy steel structure hangar, … Read more

32 ton MGH European Standard Gantry Crane has Shipped to Kazakhstan

Reasons Why Customers buy Planeraty Winch from Us: 1. Excellent technical team: support customization: including configuration, parameters and performance. 2. Strict production quality requirements: the customer sends someone to the factory to inspect the goods twice, and he is satisfied with the whole process. 3. Price advantage: We have our own factory and directly produce, … Read more