Marble Handling Overhead Crane

With the continuous development of the economic, construction industry factory emerge in large number, Aicrane overhead crane are also increasing, The following is a real shot from the customer site. Our clients bought two sets 10 ton overhead crane for moving marble, lifting stones, and handling stones,etc. It is features of high efficiency, precision, safety, stable, save labor costs.

Single Girder Overhead Crane for Marble Industry
Single Girder Overhead Crane for Marble Industry
Single Girder Overhead Crane for Stone Industry
Single Girder Overhead Crane for Stone Handling

Specific Parameters:

Products Details: Capacity: 10 ton
Span: 5m ~ 20m
Lift Height: 3m ~ 15m
Work Duty: A4
Customer’s Initial Inquiry Content: I am looking for overhead crane for marble factory to load/unload max 10 ton quarry/rocks, please make an offer for suitable equipment.


When asking for a quote, please give us the following information:
1, Load capacity? Span? lifting height? power voltage? cantilever length? With the parameters,we can give you precision offer for your need, if you have any doubt on it, please contact us directly online.

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