Multi-pivots Electric Single-Beam Suspension Overhead Crane

The multi-pivots electric single-girder suspension overhead crane is a special purpose travelling crane, it is specially designed and produced to meed the needs of the large span industrial or warehouses, such as aircraft manufacturing plant and aircraft maintenance workshops, This kind of overhead crane can reduce the influence of crane weight on the floor structure of these factories, and it is beneficial to reduce the height of the building and save amount of plant construction cost.


Specific Case Design

The following are our customized Multi-pivots electric single-girder suspension overhead crane according to the needs of customers.

Span 56.4m multi point suspension crane
12.5 ton multi point suspension crane

1. Lifting capacity: 12.5t
2. Span: 56.4M
The workshop is too wide, which is used for hangar maintenance, so the span is too large, If there are only two pivots, the cross section needs be designed much larger for bearing heavy loads.

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