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10 ton Single Girder Gantry Crane in Uzbekistan

The 10 ton single girder gantry crane has been installed in Uzbekistan. This is the second time that the customer has purchased a crane from us. For the first time, the customer has purchased a 7 ton single girder overhead traveling crane for the lifting of accessories in the indoor warehouse. It has been used for about half a year. The customer is very satisfied with our crane quality & our service, so he decided to purchase a single girder gantry crane from us again. The lifting capacity of the gantry crane is 10 tons, The lifting height is 6m and the span is 11m.



More Cases in Uzbekistan

Provide customized designs for your lifting solutions. As a professional heavy crane supplier, we are dedicated to providing customers with good quality overhead cranes, We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case, to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task.


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10 ton Single Girder Gantry Crane in Uzbekistan

The 10 ton single girder gantry crane has been installed in Uzbekistan. This is the second time that the customer ...


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