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10ton Gantry Crane for Lifting Concrete Slab


Choosing a gantry crane must consider various aspects, the most important is the experience of the heavy crane supplier, supplier must be rich experience, understand your need, then you can order a suitable gantry crane for your projects.

Type Single Girder Gantry Crane
CAP.(ton) Up to 10 Ton
Span (m) 8.6m
Lifting Height (m) 4.6m
Note: we customize can capacity, span, height accordint to clients project need, make lift more efficiently

On-site Use of Gantry Crane:



Why Choose Us:

AICRANE has 30+ years experience in hoist crane industry in many industries, 5000+ success clients experience makes Aicrane a first choice for many customers who want to install a gantry crane, we can promise to provide gantry crane that can be tailored to your project needs.


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