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MH5T European Standard Gantry Crane has Shipped to Australia


MH 5 ton European Standard Gantry Crane Delivery to Australia

Application: used for hoisting produced pipe sections onto a truck.
Country: Australia

Details of the MH5T European Standard Gantry Crane in Australia

It is used in pipe section processing plants for hoisting produced pipe sections onto a truck

The order adds the company’s Internet of Things module, which can facilitate the monitoring of the customer’s usage data, detect abnormal data in time, and assist customers in judging problems and reminding maintenance;

Lifting Capacity 5T
Span Length 24.02m
Lifting Height 8.3m
Working Class A5
Operate Mode ground operation + remote control

Information about Customer Consultation Before Purchasing A Gantry Crane

1. Whether the production standard conforms to the Australian standard, and confirms that the local installation has passed the audit?
-Solution: We have displayed customer feedback, and let customers go to the installation site;
2. How the working class is calculated?
-Solution: Provide the work-level calculation process, and explain it to the customer in detail in combination with the customer’s working conditions;
3. The company’s relevant qualifications, ISO certificate;
-Solution: Provide ISO certificate, and power of attorney with Alpha;
4. The span is relatively large, how to ensure safety;
-Solution: The main beam is supported with diagonal support; the motor side of the cart is added with a guard rod to protect the motor and prevent it from colliding with other objects;


Why do Customers Buy Gantry Crane from Us:

1. Professional: professionally and interpretively answer the questions raised by customers about purchasing door machine products;
2. Excellent technical team: large-span requirements directly provide customers with customized services to help customers solve them;
3. Price advantage: We have our own factory and directly produce, so the price of products of the same quality is relatively more satisfactory to customers;
4. Customer linkage effect: There is an installation case in the local area. The customer went to the site and was very satisfied, confirming that the equipment can pass the installation and acceptance locally.

About Us

Aimix group, a reliable and professional heavy crane supplier, focuses on providing clients with the cost-effective gantry crane, until now we have exported to 50+ countries, welcome to contact us if you need any kinds of heavy gantry crane, we will give you details ASAP according to your requirements.


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MH5T European Standard Gantry Crane has Shipped to Australia

MH 5 ton European Standard Gantry Crane Delivery to Australia Application: used for hoisting produced pipe sections onto a truck ...

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