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50ton Electric Construction Winch Delivery To Vietnam


50 ton Electric Construction Winch Delivery to Vetnam

Application: used for hoisting and dragging the weight materials.
Country: Vietnam

Details of the 50 Ton Electric Construction Winch in Vietnam

Application: Used for hoisting and dragging the weight materials.

Item Description
– type Construction Electric Winch
lifting capacity 50 ton, 80 ton (five sets)
wire rope capacity up to 300m

Details of the Electric Winches

Vietnamese customer purchased a 50 ton electric construction winch and 80 ton electric construction winches for their facility, the wire rope capacity is up to 300m, the total quantity is 5 sets, and the total contract amount is USD 500,000. Our company took charge of the shipment, installation and other services for our customer.


Our client inspected the winches in our factory accompanied by our engineers. For our high quality winches, reasonable price, and excellent service, our client is very satisfied with our products and service. We are constantly pursuing perfection and profession in designing and manufacturing reliable winches for our clients.

Aicrane Different Products in Vietnam

According to the detailed needs of customers, we propose an overall lifting solution for customers, and tailor a reasonable configuration to meet the customer’s requirements for crane economy, efficiency and safety.

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Clients in Worldwide

Provide customized design for your lifting solutions. As a professional winch supplier, we are dedicated to providing customers with good quality winches, We work with you closely to customize each electric/hydraulic winch case-by-case, to make sure that each winch machine is the right one for each project.


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