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Reach Stacker Has Shipped to Vietnam

The reach stacker is commonly used for container loading and unloading in ports, railway stations and highway stations, large container terminals. It has the advantages of flexibility, convenient operation, good stability, low wheel pressure, and high yard utilization.


Specific Applications for Customers to Purchase Reach Stacker

Reach stacker is used in container production yards invested by Korean multinational companies in Vietnam. The customer produces containers and needs to use a reach stacker for transshipment. As a South Korean group multinational company, the client involves a wide range of business fields, mainly including hydraulic parts manufacturing, container production and other businesses in Vietnam.


Detail Video of the Reach Stacker

We will shoot test videos before delivery and send them to customers in time to ensure that the product can operate normally and can be used in time when it arrives at the customer site. Reach stackers are available in the market with varying specifications. welcome to contact us if you need to buy a reach stacker.

Features of the Reach Stacker

Reach stacker provides the ability to lift up to 5-50 tonnes, 3-6 containers high on the first row, and up to 5 tonnes, 3 rows deep. Reach stackers are ideal for many industries including container ports and terminals, steel and aluminum, transport, shipping and logistics.
1. High lifting capacity
2. Powerful diesel engine
3. Smart load sensing hydraulics
4. Durable lifting spreaders

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