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Grid-framed Steel Structure Building has been Installed in Somalia

Recently, a grid-framed steel structure building has been installed in Somalia, Here is a detailed introduction to the project, including how to find us, the details of the customer’s project site, why the customer chooses us, and the customer’s evaluation of us, etc.


Details of the Case Project

Customers want to buy steel structure hangar, after searching “steel structure buildings” through a google search engine, they found our website and contacted us online.
Parameters: dimensions: 60m x 66m x 25m
Color: single-layer sky blue color steel tile;
Panel requirement: lighting panel design;
Special requirement: overall grid strength design, wind resistance and anti-corrosion grade of materials;
Application/working environment: steel structure buildings for the airport hangar.


Why Do Customers Choose Us:

1. The transportation advantage of DDU to the project site.

Most suppliers and even freight forwarders dare not operate DDU to the door in this country. However, we screen freight forwarders through a large number of consultations, and finally meet the customer’s transportation requirements with the least risk;

2. Advantages of technical solutions
We provide grid steel structure solutions with the most material-saving and convenient transportation, which also ensures that we help our clients reduce their investment cost.


3. Display of large benchmark customers;
Show our clients cases to customers, especially large customer installation sites similar to customers and detailed pictures of goods.

4. Be sure to stand in the customer’s position and consider the problem for the customer
Our customers don’t trust us very much at first, and finally, from the perspective of the customer wanting to ensure the safety of their funds, we suggest that the customer can dispatch after the representative goes to our factory to inspect the goods and recognizes the quality of our products and our strength, the customer agrees to pay 30% TT in advance;



5. Professional and timely customer service;
Compared with email, we usually choose teleconference or video conference. Having more direct and in-depth communication with customers can also better grasp the details that customers pay attention to. Customers are also very satisfied with this and feel more efficient;


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