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20 ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Shipped to UAE

20 ton hydraulic mooring winch has been shipped to UAE, A Mooring winch is a mechanical device used for securing a ship to the berth, which plays an important role in berthing the ship ashore.


The Main Components of the Mooring Winch

The main parts of the mooring winch include a drum, a warp end and a driving motor, The motor can be electric or hydraulic driven. The drum is used for hauling in or letting out the wires or ropes, which will help in fastening the ship to the berth.


video of the Mooring Winch

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Note: Mooring winches assembly comes in various arrangements with different numbers of drums, depending on the requirement of the ship. Welcome to contact us online at any time if you need to customize the mooring winch.


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