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Wall Mounted/Cantilever Jib Crane

Wall mounted/cantilever jib crane is a light duty of hoisting equipment developed to meet the requirement of modernized production in side workshop or warehouse. It is wall mounted type which fixed on wall column and suitable for short distance, The most popular lifting capacity: 1 ton, 2 ton, 5 ton, also you can choose according to your specific need.


Wall Mounted/Cantilever Jib Crane

Lifting Capacity: 0.5~10t
Arm Length: 3~8m
Lifting Height: 6~30m
Rotation angle: 0-180°
Rotation speed:0.7-8r/min
Working Class: A3, A4

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Technical Data of Wall Mounted/Cantilever Jib Crane

Capacity t 0.5 1 2 3 5 10
Valid radius R(m) 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8
Lifting height m 6~30 6~30 6~30 6~30 6~30 6~30
Lifting speed m/min 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 7(0.7/7)
Trolley speed m/min 10(20) 10(20) 10(20) 10(20) 10(20) 10(20)
Slewing speed r/min 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1 0.5~1
Slewing angle 0°~180° 0°~180° 0°~180° 0°~180° 0°~180° 0°~180°
Work duty A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4

Note: Above parameters are just for reference, please contact us online for accurate quote.

Features of Wall Mounted/Cantilever Jib Crane


1.Simple installation:
Wall mounted jib cranes can be mounted on wall, no special floor space required;

2.Shorten loading time, improve work efficiency:
With a jib crane, workers can lift, quickly transport and precisely deposit all kinds of work pieces at any time;

3.Easy handing, lighten laboring work:
It can relieve the strain of physically demanding work on your staff. The risk of injuries or accidents when handing heavy or unwieldy parts is considerably reduced;

4.High quality with good price:
All of our cranes are ending with full load factory testing of every part, certifies the functionality and quality to customers. We will offer you the most adequate equipments for your needs through good communication;

5.Customized design for clients:
Customized design according to the workshop or column size to satisfy clients’ different demand. Clients also can choose their favorite color for the jib crane.


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