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Overhead Crane Types for Different Applications

Double Girder
Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity: 20-500 Ton
Span: 7.5-31.5m
Lifting Height: 6-30m
Features: stronger bearing capacity, the best choice for lifting heavy materials;

Single Girder

Double Girder

Single Girder
Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity: 20, 25, 30, 32 Ton
Span: 7.5-28.5m
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Features: lightweight design, saving space, the best choice for precision work;

Applications of Overhead Crane

Machining Warehouse
Assembly Factory
Storage Warehouse
Steel Processing Plants
Metallurgical Industry Workshop
Industrial Foundry


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Cases of Overhead Crane

20+5T Overhaed crane in the philippines
Installation and Testing of 20T Overhead Crane in the Philippines

Installation time: April, 2023

Location: Batangas, Philippines

Type: NLH European standard double girder overhead crane

Parameters: Capacity 20t, span 23.5m, height 12m

Installation method:

Online installation guidance and on-site commissioning assistance


For lifting and moving heavy loads in steel processing workshop.

Delivery and Assembly of 32T Overhead Crane in Chile

Installation time: March, 2023

Location: Chile

Type: NLH European standard double girder overhead crane

Parameters: Capacity 32t, span 14m, height 10m

Installation method:

Online installation guidance


For lifting and maintenance of crushing equipment in the crushing area.

30T Overhead Crane Operated in Nigeria

Installation time: June,2021

Location: Nigeria

Type: NLH European standard double girder overhead crane

Parameters: Capacity 30t, span 17m, height 7m

Installation method:

Online installation guidance and on-site commissioning assistance


Handle heavy loads in mechanical assembly workshop.

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Customized service

We provide customized travel lift solutions, which are designed and manufactured according to customer needs and work scenarios.


Technical Support

Our professional team provides customers with comprehensive technical support, including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.


After-sales service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including troubleshooting, spare parts supply, repair and upgrade, etc., to ensure that customers’ equipment is always in the best condition.


Overseas offices

We have established overseas offices in many countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc., in order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.


How long does the shipping time usually take?
Transit times vary based on a number of factors, including the destination of the shipment, the distance, the mode of transportation, and the shipping service provider. Generally speaking, international shipping may take about a month.

Are your overhead cranes customizable?
Yes, we support customization to meet specific lifting requirements. Factors such as lifting capacity, span length, lifting height, and control options can be tailored to suit your needs of the industry or application. Customization ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

How does an overhead crane operate?
An overhead crane operates by using a hoisting mechanism to lift and lower loads vertically, while the end trucks and trolley enable horizontal movement along the bridge beam. The crane is controlled by an operator using a control pendant or a remote control, ensuring precise and safe load handling.

What maintenance is required for a bridge crane?
  • Regularly inspect and lubricate the crane’s mechanical components, such as hoists, trolleys, and brakes.
  • Check and tighten all connections, bolts, and fasteners to ensure structural integrity.
  • Inspect and test the crane’s electrical systems, including wiring, controls, and safety devices.
  • Monitor and maintain the condition of wire ropes, sheaves, and drums.
  • Keep the crane clean and free from debris that may affect its operation.
  • Schedule periodic inspections and maintenance by qualified technicians to address any potential issues.

How can you provide after-sale service?
This is a common concern for customers. We provide one-stop service, from delivery, installation to after-sales. We will have project consultants to solve problems for you at any time, and we provide online installation guidance, including operation manuals, maintenance manuals, etc. If you need, we can also send our engineers to your site.

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