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European Standard Overhead Crane in Australia

European standard overhead cranes from Aicrane are designed based on FEM(Europe) standards with capacities 10-500 ton for material lifting.
We produce European standard overhead cranes of different types and tonnage for sale Australia. They are widely used in all industries, such as construction, manufacturing,foundry, etc.
In addition, we provide customized solutions for your special requirements. Please read on to know more about our cranes for sale Australia!


Overhead Crane, Help to Lift Materials Where and When You Want

Overhead Crane for Sale in Australia

Single & Double Girder Type for You Choose
AQ-HD European Standard Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane

  • Lifting Capacity: 5~32t ( customized )
  • Span Length: 7.5~28.5m ( customized )
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m ( customized )
  • Lifting Speed: 0.6-5m/min
  • Working Class: A5

It uses ND type electric hoist, and also has the advantages of lightweight, low power, etc. It is particularly well suited for low workshop and high lifting weight demands in many industries, It is widely used in warehouses or workshops for lifting heavy materials with high speeds. and it can save your factory space effectively.

AQ-QDX European Standard Double Gireder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

  • Lifting Capacity: 10~500t ( customized )
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m ( customized )
  • Lifting Height: 6~24m ( customized )
  • Lifting Speed: 0.4-10m/min
  • Working Class: A5, A6

European standard double girder overhead crane has well performance for its outstanding structural design and tight weight. It is widely used in various workshops, such as manufacturing warehouses, assembly plants, steel mills, metallurgical and foundry workshops, and power plants.

Hot Sale Tonnage of the European Standard Overhead Crane in Australia

Lifting Capacity: 5 ton, 10 ton, 20 ton

5 ton overhead crane for sale-au

5 ton Overhead Crane

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5ton European Standard Single Girder Iverhead Crane

10 ton Overhead Crane

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20 ton overhead crane for sale in australia

20 ton Overhead Crane

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Heavy Duty European Standard Overhead Crane in Australia

Lifting Capacity: 25 ton, 32 ton, 50 ton, etc, support customization

25ton European Standard Single Girder Iverhead Crane

25 ton Overhead Crane

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32 ton Overhead Crane

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50ton European Standard Double Girder Iverhead Crane

50 ton Overhead Crane

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75 ton Overhead Crane

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100 ton Overhead Crane

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160 ton Overhead Crane

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Applications of European Standard Overhead Crane

European standard overhead crane is extensively used in manufacturing workshops, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, railroad, port and other material handling places. It can make the lifting and moving of heavy loads more easier and high-efficiency.
In addition, we provide customization service for your specific requirements to meet different working environments.


paper making industry
paper making industry
foundry industry
foundry industry
Single Girder Overhead Crane for Stone Industry
Stone Industry
electromagnetic industry
electromagnetic industry
automotive industry
automotive industry

Cases Show of Our Overhead Crane in Australia

AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane Used In Australia

Cases Detail: The AQ-HD 5 ton European standard overhead crane is installed by our engineers in Australia for client’s needs.
Our client told us he need a crane to lifting construction materials, according to his work condition, we recommended this type of overhead crane.
Now it is used for lifting and moving loads in warehouse. Besides its compact structure and convenient operation make lifting easier for our clients. Contact us

Package and Shipping of 10 Ton Overhead Crane to Australia

Cases Detail: These are pictures of delivering 10 ton European standard overhead crane to Australia. Our workers check and pack the parts of overhead crane in order to deliver it to Australia in good condition. After the crane arrives at the client’s destination, He was very satisfied with the quality of our overhead crane. Contact us

5 Ton Overhead Crane Installed in Australia

5 ton overhead crane for sale in australia
Cases Detail: 5 ton European standard overhead crane was being installed and commissioned in our customer’s workshop in Australia, and it will be used to lift and move heavy loads. During the cooperation process, customers think that we are a trustworthy partner. Contact us

Provide suitable European standard overheand crane for your lifting need in Australia! If you want to know the right type of crane, you can contact us now. The more information you provide, the more accurate solutions we can prepare for you!


Reliable Overhead Crane Supplier
1. How can I choose a right overhead crane?
We have 24-hour online customer service to provide you with professional consulting services, and help you choose the right overhad crane according to your working conditions. Of course, the more usage information you provide, the more accurate our options will be. The following is the product information for reference:
-Lifting Capacity (ton):
-Lifting Height (m):
-Detailed project introduction: working site, budget, etc.
2. How much does an overhead crane cost?
The price of overhad crane varies with brand, configuration, market demand and other factors, and you can choose according to actual needs and budget.
Size and load capacity: Typically, higher capacity will be more expensive;
Function and performance: Higher functions and performance, such as maximum height, maximum span, lifting capacity, etc. usually lead to higher prices;
Regional and market demand: Some regions or markets may have higher demand, resulting in higher prices, and vice versa.
Additional equipment and accessories
After-sales and warranty service
3.How can I install overhead crane?
If you buy our overhead cranes, we will provide free installation and maintenance instruction manuals to help;
If you have any questions during the installation process, please feel free to consult us, we have professional technical engineers to guide the installation online.
If you have special needs for on-site guidance, we can send engineers to your site depending on the situation.
4.How can you provide after-sale service in Australia?
This is a common concern of Australia customers. We provide one-stop service from delivery, installation to after-sales.
We will have online customer service to solve your problems at any time, and we also provide after-sales document support, such as operation manual, maintenance manual, etc.
If the problem still cannot be solved, we can send our engineer to your site.
5.How can you package and ship to Australia.
We have a professional consignment department, which can help you choose the right flight and class, as well as postal customs clearance information.
During product packaging and shipping, the steel parts of our cranes are packaged normally in plastic film to keep out the rain. The electrical and other parts are generally packaged with standard export fumigation-free wooden boxes or plywood boxes, as well we also reinforced them with iron nails or steel plates to avoid the damage during the shipping.

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