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Mine Winch


Mine winches are commonly used in various mines for mining operations, including coal, metal and non-metal mines, mainly for lifting or hauling minerals such as coal, copper, silver, iron and zinc.
The mining winches supplied by Aicrane Machinery can be designed with a variety of load capacities and reel capacities, and can also be custom designed and manufactured to meet the diverse needs of your mining project.

Mine Hoist Winch (Single & Double Drum)


Mine Hoist Winch (Single Drum)
Load capacity: 2 ton-15 ton
Rope Capacity: 100m-1000m
Working Speed: 50-300m/min
Double Type: Single drum

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Mine Hoist Winch (Double Drum)
Load capacity: 2 ton-15 ton
Rope Capacity: 100m-1000m
Working Speed: 50-300m/min
Double Type: Double drum

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Applications of Mining Winch

Mining winches play a vital role in a variety of mining projects, not only lifting ore, but also supporting the transportation of materials, equipment maintenance, rescue and other multifaceted tasks, providing efficient and safe solutions for mining operations.

  • Mining Operations: Used to lift ore, rock and minerals mined underground to the surface, ensuring the continuity of mining operations.
  • Deep Shaft Mining: Effectively lifts output from deep shafts to the surface, overcoming the challenges posed by depth.
  • Special environments: Due to its high temperature and corrosion resistance, it can also be used in special environments such as chemical factories, metallurgical industries, oil fields, etc.


Details Parts of the Mine Hoist Winch


1.Console control system, 2.motor, 3.Reducer, 4, Disc brake, 5.indicator, 6.drum, 7.Hydraulic rope regulator


Our Service


Customization Service

1. Discuss requirements with customers;
2. Convey customers’ requirements to technicians;
3. Issue solution to customers;

One-to-one Order Service

1. Fabricate equipment with high quality & efficiency;
2. Inspect equipment quality & progress;
3. Confirm shipping time;

After-sales Service

1. Offer insallation guidance online/on-site guidance;
2. Offer operators trainning;
3. Offer maintenance guidance;


How long does the delivery time usually take?
Transit times vary based on a number of factors, including the destination of the shipment, the distance, the mode of transportation, and the shipping service provider. Generally speaking, international shipping may take about a month.
How to choose the right type of winch for our mine?
You can contact our technical experts about your mine depth, load requirements and other requirements, and we will provide professional guidance to help you choose the most suitable winch type.
How can I maintenance the mining winch?
Maintenance of mine winch requires regular inspection of the components, such as mechanical, electrical systems, brakes, etc., to ensure normal operation. Ropes should be inspected and replaced regularly, and brakes should be kept reliable. These measures can prolong the service life and ensure operation safety and equipment efficiency.
How is the safety of mine winch?
The safety of our mining winches is realized by multiple safety devices, including heavy load protection, brake system, emergency stop, etc. Control systems enable precise operation, and intelligent technology provides remote monitoring and data analysis. Regular maintenance checks and operator training all help to ensure that the winch maintains a high level of safety during operation.
Can we get some technical supports?
Yes, we provide professional online and on-site guided installation services, and our after-sales support team will continue to provide the technical support and solutions you need to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the mining winch after delivery.

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