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32T Container Gantry Crane Test Run in Kazakhstan

Basic Project Information

Atyrau, Kazakhstan
MGH European standard double girder gantry crane
For lifting containers at the logistics station in Atyrau.
Delivery Time:
February 2023
Installation Time:
May 2023
Installation Method:
Online installation guidance and on-site commissioning assistance

Project Video

Cooperation Process Between Aicrane and the
Kazakhstan’s Customer

Our customers found our website on Google and were very interested in our products, so they established contact with us. At first, our sales team communicated with customers in detail to understand their workflow, production requirements and specific needs. We then demonstrated our products and solutions, detailed our brand strengths, and provided case evidence of high customer satisfaction. In the end, the customer decided to choose us and was very optimistic about our cooperation.
Products Customization

Our professional technical team worked closely with the customer. According to the customer’s requirements and the actual situation on site, we customized a 20T double girder overhead crane and two 5T single girder overhead cranes. We provide personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of our Filipino customers, this customization service ensures smooth operation and maximum efficiency of overhead cranes.

Production and Delivery

After confirming the product parameters, Aicrane factory arranged the production in the first time. All production work is done before the node, after which we arrange the shipment. All shipments are packed and sent to the nearest port for shipment to the Philippines. Our team delivered these cranes to the customer on time in December 2022.


After the overhead cranes arrived in the Philippines, the customer installed the mechanical parts by themselves. However, in April 2023, our engineers went to the site, assisted the customer to install the electrical components, and carried out a comprehensive commissioning work. This ensures smooth operation and optimized performance of overhead cranes.

Testing and Operation

With the efforts of both parties, the overall operation of the project was very successful. Customers are very satisfied with the performance and quality of Aicrane® overhead cranes. The steel processing workshop has also been improved in terms of improving work efficiency, optimizing production processes and ensuring safety.


Customer Compliments


For Aicrane® customized solutions

Your team is very good at providing personalized solutions. Thank you for designing and delivering a crane that meets our expectations, and for being always available to answer questions and provide support.

For Aicrane® overhead cranes’ quality

The quality of overhead cranes we purchased was excellent. During the use of the crane, we have not encountered any quality problems, which proves your company’s strict quality control. We are very satisfied with your products and look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

Aicrane® After-sales service


On-site installation, commissioning, production engineers accompany the entire process and continue to help customers solve problems;


Professional consignment team, flexibly arrange the transportation and delivery of products, and share the delivery progress with customers;


Reliable online customer service team is always ready to answer customer questions and provide necessary technical support for free.


You can contact us via the website or by email for more project information and support on our products. We will answer your questions in time and provide professional technology and after-sales service.

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