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20-500T Overhead Crane (Single Girder & Double Girder)

The electric overhead crane is designed to move, lift or transport heavy materials in different industries, according to the different working conditions or environments,
We can supply different tons of overhead cranes, matching the lifting height, span, and power source you need.
The following are some of the best-selling overhead cranes:
20 ton Overhead Crane

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25 ton Overhead Crane

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32 ton Overhead Crane

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40 ton Overhead Crane

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50 ton Overhead Crane

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100 ton Overhead Crane

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Application Field & Hoisting Types:

Overhead crane is necessary at many project sites, it is critical to many industries and to the economy as a whole,
As long as you need to lift and move heavy loads, an overhead crane definitely helps improve work efficiency, save labor investment costs.
We recommend some industries choose bridge cranes for better work:

Application Industry:

Manufacturing Industry
Paper Industry
Foundry Industry
Automotive Industry
Waste Management
Electromagnetic Industry

Spreaders Can be Used with Overhead Cranes:

Forged Hook
Forged Hook
Electromagnetic Spreader
Slab Clamp
Slab Clamp
Electromagnetic Beam

Here you can choose the detailed hoisting type according to your application field, also if you are not sure whether the crane is suitable for your project, you can contact us freely.
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Working Ways:

As a key part of an overhead crane, a crane runway structure consists of the bridge girder, columns, and runway beams, which support the hoist and trolly being used. Overhead cranes are widely used to lift, lower, and move horizontally along a rail or beam and are capable of safely lifting extremely heavy loads vertically.
Working Movements:
(1) Crane hook up and down lifting;
(2) Trolley lateral movement along the main girder;
(3) Crane long traveling longitudinal motion along the runway;
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Aicrane® Overhead Crane Price:

Model Customization Range Reference Price
Single Girder Overhead Crane Capacity: 20 ton, 25 ton, 32 ton $ 14000 – 24000
Span: Up to 31.5m (customization)
Double Girder Overhead Crane Capacity: 20-100 ton, (Can Up to 500ton) $ 14000 – 159999
Span: Up to 31.5m (customization)
Overhead cranes are non-standard products, the price of the overhead crane is determined by several factors:

1. Load capacity (tonnage)

2. Girder

3. Span

4. Lifting height

5. Working class

6. Mode of transportation

7. Configuration

8. Raw Material

9. Manufacturing standard

The above are some of the main influencing factors,
Please Contact Us for a more accurate quotation.
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Aicrane® Overhead Crane Cases

23 Sets of Overhead Crane Shipped to Uzbekistan

Case Detail: Since December 2020, our client has ordered 23 sets of overhead cranes from Aicrane, including 21 sets of HD single girder overhead traveling crane and 2 sets of double girder European standard overhead crane, which is mainly used for moving heavy equipment in stone plants, warehouse, workshop, etc (Customers bought 23 sets overhead cranes, which have a wide range of applications.) This year on May 25th, a 5 ton HD European standard overhead crane has been finished installation in Uzbekistan.
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10 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane for Coil Lifting

Case Detail:
Product Name: 10t Double Girder Bridge Overhead Crane;
Application: Steel Coil Lifting in Warehouse;
Parameters Lifting load: 10 ton, Lifting height: 8m, Span:16.5m;
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10 ton & 16 ton Overhead Crane Shipped to Uzbekistan

Case Detail:
Customer requirements (lifting capacity): 10 ton single girder overhead crane and 20 ton double girder overhead crane.
Clients’ Feedback: After testing and commissioning, they are quite satisfied with the overhead crane performance. Our clients commend the professionalism and dedication of our Aicrane service.
Contact Us: Welcome to contact us and let me provide a full set of lifting solutions for your project, I bet it can exceed your expectation.
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Our Service:

One-to-one Customized Solution Service
1. Discuss requirements with customers;
2. Convey customers’ requirements to technicians;
3. Issue solution to customers;
One-to-one Order Follow-up Service
1. Fabricate equipment with high quality & efficiency;
2. Inspect equipment quality & progress;
3. Confirm shipping time;
After-sales Service
1. Offer insallation guidance online/on-site guidance;
2. Offer operators trainning;
3. Offer maintenance guidance;

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